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Happy New Year! Congress Gifts SECURE 2.0

Happy New Year!  Congress Gifts SECURE 2.0 A key change in legislation just before the end of the year was congress passing the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023, which included the SECURE Act 2.0.  Ed Slott and Company has featured a great article about some of the highlights of SECURE 2.0, the article is from...
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Should You Prepare to Retire on 80% of Your Income?

Should You Prepare to Retire on 80% of Your Income? Examining a long-held retirement assumption. A classic retirement preparation rule states that you should retire on 80% of the income you earned in your last year of work. Is this old axiom still valid, or does it need reconsidering? Some new research suggests that retirees...
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Tax Moves to Consider in Summer

Tax Moves to Consider in Summer Now is a good time to think about a few financial matters. Consider making tax moves earlier rather than later. If you own a business, earn significant investment income, are recently married or divorced, or have a Flexible Savings Account (FSA), you may want to work on your income tax...
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