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When it comes to your finances, you may feel conflicted about getting help. On one hand, you know there are tools and services out there which would be wise to take advantage of. On the other hand, you may be wary of the financial profession, unsure of how your advisor gets paid, and skeptical of which information is really on your behalf vs. which information is a “sales pitch”. At Smart Financial, we understand the conflict and have structured our business in an effort to provide transparency, education, and service. When you work with Smart Financial, you can be confident we are a true fiduciary. We win when you win.

Social Security Maximization

You keep hearing of the hundreds of filing strategies, yet you can’t seem to get a direct and accurate answer. Let Smart Financial help you find all you are entitled to. Learn which strategies apply to you.

  • Optimize spousal benefits
  • Maximize cumulative benefits
  • Coordinate with provisional income to manage tax implications.

Personal Income Strategies

Your retirement needs consistent income. Different group and personal pension options can make the difference between income stability and income volatility. Planning should include long-term inflation effects and the impact of losing a spouse.

  • If you have a company plan, which payout option is best for you?
  • Do you want guaranteed income to fill your income gaps?
  • How does your pension coordinate with Social Security and other retirement assets for the best overall result?

Guarantees provided are based on the claims-paying ability of the issuing company.

Retirement Account Analysis

You’ve saved long and hard over the years. What don’t you know that you don’t know about your account? Understanding what you have and what options are out there can significantly improve results. 

  • How did you choose your holdings?
  • What fees (hidden and transparent) are you paying?
  • What is your risk exposure? What is your risk tolerance?

Investment Guidance

The game changes at retirement. You don’t wear the same pants you bought in your thirties, find out if you’re in an outdated investment portfolio. We will explore every option for you and create a retirement strategy that is tailor fit to you.

  • Use the right tool for the desired result.
  • Find ways to pay less without detracting from the benefits.

Investment management

No one can predict or control the market. There are, however, other variables you can predict and control for better performance. Optimize how your money works for you.

  • What impact can institutional class funds have?
  • No commissions, competitive fees.
  • We win when you win.

Life Insurance and Annuities

What is the real impact on your loved ones if you or your spouse passes too soon? Choose solutions, not products. In retirement life, insurance and annuities may be more wants instead of needs. Let Smart Financial educate you on companies and options, and you make the choice.

  • Manage risk.
  • Protect assets and income.
  • Provide benefits for inheritance on your terms.

Roth contributions are not the same as Roth conversions. Tap into this strategy wisely for large tax benefits over time.

  • What tax bracket are you in currently? Where will you be in retirement?
  • How will RMDs (Required Minimum Distributions) impact your portfolio over time?

Determining when or if you should convert to a Roth IRA is an individual decision based on factors such as your financial situation, age, tax bracket, current assets, and alternate sources of retirement income. Your unique circumstances help determine what’s appropriate for you.

Managing Taxes in Retirement

“A Man Who is Prepared has His Battle Half Fought” – Miguel De Cervantes. Believe it or not, there are large potential tax savings available if you only know how to plan.

  • Manage taxes now and later with strategic planning.
  • Have you planned taxes into your retirement income design?
  • When was the last time you looked ahead for taxes instead of looking back?

Legacy Planning

Great legacy planning is more than a legal document. Integrate your trust, beneficiaries, insurance, end of life planning and more to manage any negative impact on your loved ones at your passing.

  • When did you review your beneficiaries last on each of your accounts?
  • Do you know how taxes are handled with different types of beneficiaries and different account types?
  • Are your loved ones prepared in case of your untimely passing?
  • Do you have charitable goals in mind you would like some direction on?

Our goal is to make sure no stone goes unturned. Let our years of experience and training provide you the same confidence as the hundreds of others who we’ve had the pleasure to work with. We will explore every option for you and create a retirement strategy that is tailor fit to you.